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Format & Rules

Two teams, each consisting of a client and counsel, will compete for approximately one hour in a simulation of a commercial negotiation in which they will be asked to represent their clients in the negotiation of a deal.

The negotiation will involve topics such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, among others. The problem will be unveiled in two parts for the duration of the competition. One month before the big event, the participants will be provided with general information on the parties' settings. Participants will be tasked with assessing client organizations' requirements and formulating strategies to meet those demands. 

The Confidential information for both parties will be released 30 minutes prior to the session. This will challenge the parties' capacity to represent their client's interests on short notice. It will offer further information about the company, such as its financial data and liabilities.

The team with the highest scores, determined by averaging the score sheets of the judges for that round, would proceed to the next round. The top eight teams in the Preliminary Rounds would advance to the Quarter-Final Rounds, after which teams would advance to the finals on a knockout format.

For more details, click here to view the detailed rules for the Competition.

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