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1. What all costs and expenses are covered by the registration fees for international teams?

The registration fees will cover accommodation at a 4-star hotel in Jodhpur for the duration of the Competition, intra-city travel between the accommodation and the university, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the days of the Competition. Travel expenses to Jodhpur, including visa requirements, shall be borne by the participating team individually.

2. Is it necessary to stay at the provided accommodation or can I stay at an alternative place?

Participants may choose to arrange for alternative accommodation. However, the registration fees will not be adjusted accordingly

3. What would be the procedure for international travel for teams from outside India?

Students attending the Competition from outside India may require to arrange for a visa. Kindly research the visa requirements for each individual attending the event

4. Can our coaches also attend the competition ?​​

Coaches are welcome to attend the Competition, so long as the additional coaches fee is paid along with the registration date. Please note that accommodation and travel for coaches must be booked by the teams themselves.

5. ​ What are the things I should keep in mind while travelling to Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is a culturally rich city, where the sun shines year-round. Some essentials while travelling to Jodhpur is sunscreen and an umbrella!

6. I cannot log in to my team account and need IT support, who do I contact?

In case of any technical issues, you may address your concern on our Contact Us forum or write us an email at

7.  I made a mistake in the registration process; how can I rectify those errors?

The registration details may be edited till the date of the submission of the negotiation plans, including the names, contact details etc. However, the year of graduation and the team’s college details are not allowed to be changed and may result in disqualification should the details be found to be incorrect.

8. I want to withdraw from the competition, what process should I follow?

In order to withdraw from participation, kindly write an email to the Organising Committee with your team details and allotted login details over your client dashboard. However, the registration fees may not be refunded.

9. Can I attend only the A&O Masterclass on Negotiation without participating in the Competition?

The A&O Masterclass will only be available to those students participating in the Competition.

10. Can I register as a Judge for the competition, and if so, what is the process?

We are delighted to host experienced legal professionals for the Competition. Interested lawyers can register to be expert assessors through the “Application for Expert Assessors” page on the website.

11. ​ I want to sponsor the competition and be involved as a business/ firm/ partner; how do I get involved?

Kindly email us at

12. ​  I have certain health concerns; How do I ensure that they are taken into consideration during my participation in the competition?

You may write to the Organising Committee at or reach out to us even during the dates of the Competition to make the necessary modifications and allowances for the same.

13.  How does the competition promote safety, sustainability, and inclusivity?

The Competition strives to host students from all over the world, and from a diverse range of backgrounds. In an effort to increase sustainability, the Competition will strive to reduce the usage of paper by promoting digital scoresheets, propositions etc. The Competition will follow a no-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. The Policy for sexual harassment will be notified to all persons participating in the Competition prior to the event.

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