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IDNC 2024


About IDNC

Negotiation is increasingly being seen as a potentially powerful tool of law, in the modern day. Negotiation has as much to do with culture, values, trust and adaptability as it has to do with the law itself. Not only is the process of negotiation driven by the intricacies of a commercial situation, but also a complete picture cannot be drawn by isolating the cultural influences on the parties and their interests. The Allen & Overy-NLU Jodhpur International Deal Negotiation Competition aims to be a unique global event with teams and assessors from different countries and cultures. 


The Competition will provide students with a platform to hone their problem-solving skills in a unique commercial set-up, where students will interact with participants from all over the world, in a culturally diverse environment. This year, we expect to host 32 teams from India and abroad for a competitive and intellectually enriching experience, exposing students to the intricacies of commercial negotiation. The Competition schedule shall include a training session conducted by Allen & Overy, and multiple opportunities to network with students in a truly distinct setting. 



Winning Team, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

“Challenging propositions to good food, IDNC had it all. The level of the competition was excellent and that made the achievement of winning the competition even more significant. The legacy and expertise of A&O backing this competition made it a very scintillating learning exercise to be a part of. OC's commitment to smooth conduct was also commendable, especially since there was no significant delay in competition. Overall, all this coupled with the experience of the rich history and culture of the Jodhpur city itself, led to a wonderful experience for our team."

IDNC 2024



February 16th - 18th

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